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Valentine's Day Memory Game

Valentine's Day Memory Game
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About This Product

A cute Valentine's Day memory game. Cut apart cards, lightly glue a front to a back, laminate, and cut out again. Lay card face down and take turns trying to make a match. 16 Valentine matches! Make your class Valentine's Day Party extra special this year!

How to Use This Resource:

Cut apart all the cards. Then lightly glue each back to a front. Run through a laminator and then cut apart each pieces. Cards are printed 4 per page. When you laminate these cards, they will be a timeless activity to use again and again from year to year. Lay pieces flat and upside down. Take turns with your students to turn over 2 at a time. When you find a match, you get to keep the match. When all the cards have been turned over and matched up, then the game is over. The winner is the one who has found the most matches.

Not only do these cards feature a Valentine-related picture, but they also have the corresponding word printed underneath each picture. They will get to work their brains to try and remember where they saw a certain image, but they will also be able to retrieve where they saw a certain word. This is great differentiation for young learners.

They will love playing this memory game and ramping up the competition along the way. This is excellent for a class Valentine's Day party or to have set up in a corner for early finishers or during recess when it's bad weather outside! You could choose to post the cards upside down up on a board and play as a class! You could even use it as a reward for finishing a difficult task!

What You Get:

  • 16 pairs of Valentine memory cards (32 cards total)

  • 32 total backs to make your cards double-sided

What's Included

A 14 page printable PDF

Resource Tags

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