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11 ADDITION WORKSHEETS For Tracing | Tables 0 to 10

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

1. Brief introduction:

Special education is a branch or educational field that requires attention and support, which is why EDITORIAL ARENAS EDUCATIVAS creates these fantastic worksheets so that children can practice additions and make it easier for them to review the answer. I know that it will be very useful to many educators and guides in this fantastic area of work.

2. Title of the pedagogical resource:

This document is titled "11 worksheets on additions from 0 to 10, with answers available to review"

3. Topic to work on:

The topic to work on in these worksheets is the sums from 0 to 10.

4. Area of knowledge where it should be applied:

These sheets can be worked on in the area of mathematics teaching.

5. Number of pages contained:

This educational document contains 11 fabulous pages ready to be printed and used.

6. Is it available in color or white/black?

These cards are available in black and white so that it is much easier for you to print them.

7. What version is it available in?

This educational document is available in PDF version, A4 size.

8. Editable/Not Editable:

This document is not editable because it will be much easier for you to print it this way.

9. Age at which it can be applied:

You can apply this document to children from 4 to 7 years old who are learning their first sums from 0 to 10.

10. Tags or keywords that describe the content:

additions, addition worksheets, addition exercises, addition for children, addition worksheets.

11. Ways to print:

You will be able to print this document as it is, because I consider them to be the appropriate size to be used.

12. Forms of application in class: Preferably apply it individually.

13. Will you need extra elements to use this sheet?

Yes, your students will need a pencil and eraser to make these worksheets.

Resource Tags

special education addition worksheets addition games addition exercises

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