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12 DIVISION WORKSHEETS | Find the missing number

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Thank you very much for being part of this community of educational resources.

A. The name of this educational resource is

"12 worksheets with division exercises from 1 to 12, with blank spaces to complete the missing number"

B. This document contains this number of pages

This document contains 12 fabulous pages with division exercises from 1 to 12, so that children can complete the blank boxes with the corresponding numbers.

C. This educational resource has been prepared by:

We are EDITORIAL ARENAS EDUCATIVAS, and we dedicate our time to creating fabulous worksheets for primary school children, because we believe that early education is one of the best stages where the child should enjoy pleasant, interesting and educational learning. unforgettable, that's why we believe that these worksheets will help your children improve their learning.

D. You can apply this educational document in different contexts such as:

You can apply these fabulous worksheets in the classroom (before as an evaluation of previous learning, during class as a way of reinforcement, and even at the end of class as an evaluation), in addition these worksheets can be solved at home, as for homework or perhaps for students who do school at home.

E. Is this document in black and white or color?

These cards have been made in black and white so that it is much easier for you to print them, without worrying about the printer's ink or other inconveniences.

F. For what ages is this document recommended?

It is recommended to use these worksheets in children from 8 to 12 years old who already master the topic of division and are capable of doing mental calculation exercises.

G. At what point in class can I apply it?

You can apply this before, during or after class, it all depends on the creativity of the teacher.

H. Keywords that describe the product:

division, division worksheets, division exercises.

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division division exercises division worksheets division games

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