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5 Themes of Geography Reading Packet

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Grade 5





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About This Product

5 Themes of Geography Reading Packet


Support your students’ learning with this 5 Themes of Geography Reading Packet. This resource was specifically designed to build student knowledge for U.S. History. It is aligned with standards for 5th grade.


What You Get:


A 12-page printable PDF. The PDF will include a 2 page informational passage, exit ticket slip, and a variety of comprehension activities to assess students’ reading skills. Answer keys are included.


How to Use the 5 Themes of Geography Reading Packet:


You can print off enough copies of this packet for all of your students to have. The exit tickets consist of 3 questions and are printed 4 per page. If you are getting ready to introduce the topic 5 Themes of Geography to your social studies class, you can rely on this packet to be a useful resource at the beginning, middle, or end of your instruction.


You can begin by having students read 5 Themes of Geography. The more students read the passage, the better they will retain the information and make connections to it. Students can discuss the vocabulary words in small group and find the main idea and key details within the passage.  


There are 3 pages within the packet that focus on reading skills. Students will match vocabulary words, answer multiple choice questions, complete short writing prompts, and fill out a graphic organizer based on the passage. These pages can be completed independently or with a partner. If you choose to go over the answers as a whole group, you can allow students to check their own work.


You can finish this with the exit tickets at the completion of the lesson.


I hope you enjoy!!


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What's Included

1 PDF with 12 printable pages

Resource Tags

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