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A-Z Covid Vocabulary - Alphabet Word Play ( French Version )

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About This Product

A-Z Covid Vocabulary - Alphabet Word Play (French Version)

The 'A-Z Covid Vocabulary - Alphabet Word Play' is a unique, interactive, and educational French language resource tailored for teachers of all grades. It aims to enhance students' vocabulary in an exciting manner while addressing the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fascilitating Learning through Fun Activities

  • The tool is structure as a "fill in the blank" word game, triggering students to learn and explore new French words that are associated with COVID-19.
  • Activities contain exercises related to daily routines during the pandemic, emotions experienced during lockdowns, etc., encouraging learners to associate letters with hygiene practices and feelings.

Beyond Traditional Classrooms

This tool offers flexibility not only for traditional classrooms but also for small group instruction or even individual student assignments at home. It comes in PDF format, ensuring easy accessibility right from your digital devices facilitating distance learning remarkably well.

A Comprehensive Educational Source

  • This teaching aid was initially designed as an educational source regarding COVID-19 events globally; however, it extensively bolsters vocabulary building skills while reinforcing grammar concepts in French language education.
  • Tutors can incorporate this teaching tool within broader lesson plans providing contextual understanding about combating pandemics alongside enriching linguistic abilities.
In Conclusion,

If used effectively, A-Z Covid Vocabulary - Alphabet Word Play (French Version) could foster meaningful classroom discussions about personal safety measures against diseases worldwide while refining foreign language abilities comprehensively. Utilize such efficient learning aids today and make remote education times more constructive!


What's Included

2 printable pages in PDF Format

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French language vocabulary building COVID-19 education interactive learning distance learning french word play

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