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All About My Name

An educational teaching resource from Cherry Workshop entitled All About My Name downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

All About My Name: A Teaching Resource

The "All About My Name" teaching resource is a valuable tool for educators working to foster a sense of community and familiarity within the classroom. Specifically designed for early learning education demographics, this resource caters to students in preschool through first grade.

Celebrating Diversity and Individuality

It serves as an ideal opportunity to celebrate diversity and individuality among children at the start of their academic journey. Using "All About My Name," students are encouraged to share aspects about themselves that encourage connections and promote understanding within the class.

  • Name sharing
  • Personal preferences such as favorite color and season/li> Mentioning left or right-handedness/li>

This creates an avenue for discussions on similarities, differences, and unique traits — essential elements in building tolerance, empathy, and respect amongst learners.

Versatile Applications with Minimal Preparation Time

This is delivered as a one-page PDF file. The worksheet's format (a printable PDF you can use immediately with no preparation time ) enables teachers to print copies swiftly when preparing classroom activities or homework assignments with minimal preparation time required.

Possible Uses:
  • Full-class introductions on Back-to-School events/ li< Small group ice breakers during class transitions/li<
  • Independent work slots at home /li<
The laid back nature of this worksheet wonderfully supplements holidays-related subject matter focusing specifically on 'Back To School' themes without being overly formal or pressing with its content matter. Thus making introductions informal yet informative in presenting student identities whilst drawing attention towards understanding others' preferences better too.

Perfect for All Types of Classrooms

Whether you are an educator seeking resources for public school classrooms or exploring tools fitting homeschool setups; whenever there stands a need for generating comfortable familiarity between young learners -the "All About My Name" resource stands elegantly suited offering informative insight into each child’s individual self effortlessly.

What's Included

A PDF file with 1 printable page.

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community individuality diversity connections preferences

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