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Basic Addition Practice - To 20 - Back To School

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About This Product

Early school children need to learn the basics of mathematics. The student begins to learn to count and write numbers. After mastering counting numbers, they need to learn to do simple arithmetic operations such as addition. Adding numbers is one of the basics of learning mathematics. After mastering the addition, the student can perform some simple calculations. Children can be taught to add numbers through educational activities. We have designed educational worksheets that help children practice and master number addition. Each sheet contains different equations, this helps the students to practice addition skill both in writing and mentally. It can be used for children in the early stages after mastering counting up to 10, or for children who have learning difficulties. The activities will help the students to easily master the comparison between numbers visually and mentally.

Information on this digital file

File format: pdf file

Number of pages: 10 different pages

Suitable age: Kindergarten, first grade, or homeschooling

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What's Included

What will you get when you download this file?

When you download this file, you will get a printable PDF file containing 10 pages, Trace And Write Number Words, each page different from the other.

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