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Blend Sounds Together To Make Words With Initial Consonant Blends

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About This Product

Blend Sounds Together To Make Words With Initial Consonant Blends

This interactive teaching tool focuses on enhancing the linguistic skills of children aged three years and above. It is especially beneficial for students in Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1, and Grade 2. The key focus is on reinforcing the phonic sound 'ck' and other initial consonant blends through an engaging game-based approach.

Game-Based Learning

The package includes exciting word games such as:

  • Bingo
  • Snap
These games stimulate the learning process, speeding up phonetic recognition as children become more familiar with blending sounds to form words.

Focusing on Phonics

A distinctive trait of this resource is its emphasis on phonics - linking sounds with letters or groups of letters. This sets the foundation for language learning. Utilizing this product allows educators to help students understand nearly 80% of words in English through phonics alone.

Sentence Making Exercises & Creative Visual Learning

This resource incorporates phonic sounds into sentence-making exercises - tools called sentence makers assist learners in crafting meaningful sentences. Additionally, memorable illustrations included within the material enhance engagement for visual learners while encouraging creativity from children themselves.

The Versatility of Worksheets

Ideal for home study or school group activities, these worksheets can be integrated into daily instruction or used effectively as a homework assignment requiring minimum supervision from parents.

Note:All you need to work start working through these worksheets is a PDF reader.

A Step-By-Step Format That Caters To All Achievers

With each new learning sound building upon a previously learned one, this toolset fosters slow but firm progress in reading. This format ensures that all children move upward at their own pace, so no learner gets left behind.

Learning Through Repetition

This tool promotes educated enjoyment while advocating effective learning strategy known as spaced repetition. The process of repetition until mastery makes the task of learning phonics an engaging journey rather than a tedious obligation with Blend Sounds Together To Make Words With Initial Consonant Blends.

What's Included

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