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BR Beginning Blends Worksheets - Read Write and Spell

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Practice reading, writing and spelling BR words with these beginning blends worksheets. This phonics worksheet packet provides a variety of ways to practice this phonics skill.

This product is suitable for kindergartners and first graders who are learning about how to read and spell BR words. There are a number of different worksheets included for students to work on this spelling rule as well as alphabetical order, matching and reading comprehension.

Worksheets included:

  • Write the Word - write the correct word under each picture

  • Spell and Write - color each dot to spell each word then write the word on the line provided

  • Match the Picture - read the word then circle the correct picture

  • Match the Word - look at the picture and circle the correct word

  • Beginning Blend Sentences - read the sentences and write the correct word to fill in the blanks

  • Beginning Blend Stamp It - use stamps to spell each word

  • Beginning Blend Cut and Paste - use magazine letter cut outs to spell each word

  • What am I? - write the word under each picture

  • Beginning Blend Story - read each story and write each BL word that you find in the story

With these beginning blends worksheets, students will practice reading BL words in isolation as well as in the context of sentences and short stories. Students will spell and write BR words using picture clues and prompts.

When to Use

  • Early Finishers - When students finish their work, they can complete this dot painting activity while waiting on their classmates to finish their assignments.

  • Quiet Time Activity - Students who have trouble napping can complete one of these worksheets during quiet times.

  • Independent practice - Students can work on these worksheets alone at their desks.

  • Sub Plans - The no-prep nature of these worksheets makes them perfect to include in sub plans.

Each worksheets is no prep. They just need to print out the worksheets and give to students to complete. Some sheets will require extra materials like scissors and glue, or stamps. These worksheets will keep student engaged as they read, write, spell and recognize words with the initial blend of BR.

Skills Assessed

These worksheets assess students in their ability to read, write, and spell words with the beginning blend BR.

Resource Tags

Phonics Worksheets Reading Worksheets Spelling Worksheets Initial Blends Beginning Blends BR blends BR words

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