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Brush Up On Literary Techniques and Homophones (8-14 years)

Brush Up On Literary Techniques and Homophones (8-14 years)
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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

This resource includes two packs:

- Brush Up On Literary Techniques

- Brush Up On Homophones

Improve Your English Work Packs teach the child good English. They help improve the child's punctuation, spelling and grammar skills. There are a wide range of packs to choose from, providing practice in sentence writing, use of connectives and parts of speech. The child will also be introduced to literary techniques - similes, metaphors and other stylistic devices.

The format of each pack is so simple. The pages are quick and easy to work through, so the child will learn fast and remember skills taught easily. Each pack includes a lesson plan, with structured exercises, including answer pages. Improve Your English Work Packs save hours of time when preparing lessons or homework tasks.

Included in this series, there are eight structured assessment tests, to test vocabulary, capital letters, punctuation, spelling and use of English language with answers.

What's Included

10 pages

Resource Tags

literary techniqueshomophonesgrammarspellingpunctuation

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