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"Cafe Read a Latte" Cactus Classroom Library/Reading Display

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About This Product

Cafe Read a Latte Cactus Classroom Library/Reading Display

This engaging teaching resource is designed to add creativity and fun to your classroom décor, perfect for educators from early learning preschool through grade 8. It adds vibrant color and energy to any room while fostering students' passion for reading.


The kit offers an assortment of vivid components that are easy to assemble:

  • Cactus scallops: These make up the awning in five distinct patterns, giving teachers flexibility in design.
  • Editable book spine templates: Customize these with specific titles from your library shelves for an extra level of student involvement.
  • 'Latte cups': Available both as colored formats or black and white outlines that can be individually filled. These adorable cups are decorated with charming cactus puns serving as reading encouragements.

File Formats

Two types of file formats have been provided within this package:

    1. PNGs: For letter cut-outs, these resources can work well together or be selectively used independently.
    2. JPEG images: Suitable for printing at local shops, they offer added versatility based on your needs.

'Cafe Read a Latte' Letters

Inclusive in the kit are creatively named 'Cafe Read a Latte' letters which come in various fonts enabling you to cater brilliantly according to different style requirements you may have in mind for your classroom layout.

Multifunctional Uses & Benefits

Ideal not just as decor but also a unique instructional aid during back-to-school season or any time throughout the academic year, it serves various functions such as group work stations or individualized reading nooks. Print (preferably on white cardstock), cut out elements according to plan beforehand by referencing file details provided or construct your design based on your classroom dynamics!

Inspiring Lifelong Love for Reading

With this eye-catching display enhancing either a standalone feature corner attraction, an addition to existing study areas – wherever there is need for bookish cheer – Cafe Read a Latte ensures classroom environments inspire lifelong love of reading in young scholars. Through this striking combination of academics and aesthetics, classrooms can not only visually appeal but also facilitate hands-on learning experiences.

What's Included

Easy to recreate yourself: Here's what's included!

1. cactus scallops for your awning (there are five designs total. (You can alternate, or create a specific pattern)

2. editable PPT. of book spines to add book titles to if you wish

3. latte cups (black and white and colored version)

4. reading encouragement latte cups, includes cactus puns

5. "Cafe Read a Latte" letters in various fonts and options

6. PNG file of letters in case you want or know how to use a circuit for your letters

7. JPEG file of images in case there are specific pictures you'd like to get printed from a local print shop

*I suggest printing on white card stock for a more even end product and to save ink*

Additional items needed to recreate this resource:

1. thin, black poster board to create the shelves/body of your cafe...butcher paper would work as well from your school. (I used 1 thin, black poster board, and cut into 1 inch strips)

2. colored paper either Astrobrights, card stock, or printer paper to create the striped awning for your cafe

3. astrobrights in case you want to print book spines, etc...onto the colors of your choice...I simply printed on white cardstock!

Thanks for checking this resource out!

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