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Christmas Symbols Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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About This Product

Christmas Symbols Lapbook / Interactive Notebook

The Christmas Symbols Lapbook / Interactive Notebook is an invaluable educational resource perfect for augmenting the holiday learning experiences of children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. It has a detail-specific focus on the history and symbolism of various Christmas related entities making it a captivating yet informational tool crucial in instilling understanding and appreciation for this major cultural festivity.

As a comprehensive reservoir of knowledge, this product offers educators easily adaptable material suitable to different learning scenarios. Inquisitive educators can utilize it during whole group instructions as part of their core teaching or in smaller group discussions intensifying taught concepts. Correspondingly, homeschoolers can fuse these resources into individualized instruction or homework.

Detailed Content Available

  • The comprehensive ebook contains 56 pages in PDF format.
  • To build deeper knowledge around common symbols like Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Lights etc includes guidelines on crafting 26 interactive foldable booklets.
  • Covers lesser known aspects like why 'Xmas' is used as an abbreviation or Cracker's presence during yuletide celebrations.
  • A diverse range of fascinating features such as worldwide 'Gift Giving' traditions or decoding 'The Legend of Candy Cane'.
  • 'Colors Of Christmas', a dedicated section fostering artistic talents along with education on symbolic significances attached to seasonal colours.

User-friendly concept ensures students keep track of their learning journey by assembling personalized lapbooks/interactive notebooks using easy cut-fold-glue techniques which invariably doubles up as handmade keepsakes superimposing value onto memorable educational insights into differing cultures’ take on Christmas celebrations.

In Summation:

The e-book presents itself as an engaging teaching aid concentrating on holidays-themed curriculum with particular regard to christmas symbolisms. It imparts a fun way of learning interesting trivia while reinforcing cognitive abilities necessary for interdisciplinary learning throughout varying academic levels.

What's Included

56 pages in PDF format

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Christmas Symbols Interactive Notebook Lapbook Holiday Learning Cultural Understanding

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