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Christmas Tracing

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About This Product

This Christmas: Trace and Colour is a great resource for the Christmas holiday week so that students may continue to practice tracing as a form to develop their fine motor skills.

Students may practice tracing, color their pictures, and use their final product to decorate their classroom, present as a gift to a love one, or simply be proud of their tracing abilities!

This Christmas: Trace and Colour comes with 2 different illustrations:

  • - 1 is of a snowman with waves behind him. Every line is to be traced, except for the eyes.

  • - 2 is of a Christmas tree, with mountains, clouds, and snowflakes all around. The Christmas tree has circled ornaments to trace as well as a star on the top.

Once students are done tracing, they can begin to color the illustrations.

This Christmas: Trace and Colour was designed for students in early learning, pre-k, Kindergarten, and/or first grade.

This Christmas: Trace and Colour is a ready to print and use resource, there is no need to prepare anything but pencils and crayons for your students.

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What's Included

This Christmas: Trace and Colour comes in a PDF file with 2 pages.

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