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Classifying List Worksheet

Classifying List Worksheet
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6





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If you want to give students extra practice with classifying and sorting things into categories, I have just the resource for you.


This Classifying List Worksheet is a great way for students to practice categorizing items based on a description. This is a skill that is often tested on standardized tests and is a great way for students to get extra practice. It is ideal for elementary students. You may find it is best suited for 2nd – 5th grade students. Your younger elementary students could also complete it.


This worksheet is a 1-page printable that can be completed in a few different ways. You may choose to have students complete this as an independent task. Students could also benefit from working with a partner or in small groups. this will give them the chance to brainstorm and come up with even more ideas for their lists.


There are 4 boxes on this worksheet. Students will write the name of objects in each group that would follow the criteria.


The boxes are:

-- Items that are round, heavy, and nonliving

-- Items that are soft and warm

-- Items that are living, small, and green or brown

-- Items that are not gas, not blue, and not heavy


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What's Included

1 PDF with 1 usable page

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