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Classroom Calendar in Boho Rainbow Theme - 100% Editable

Classroom Calendar in Boho Rainbow Theme - 100% Editable
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About This Product

Classroom Calendar in Boho Rainbow Theme - 100% Editable

An invaluable teaching resource for educators in public schools and homeschool environments. This category of teaching materials serves as an instrumental tool for managing the classroom's organization, decor, and day-to-day functioning.

Dual Purpose

This calendar set help students develop a structured daily regimen and also breathes life into your class environment with its delicate Boho rainbow design. Perfectly fits bulletin boards or class walls by measuring approximately 36x24 inches (90x60cm). The date cards are sized at 3x3 inches (7.5x7.5cm).

Product Details

  • A year label measured at 4” x 4”
  • Six pages of month labels sized at 10.5” x 4”
  • Day of the week label that's approximately 3 x1.5
  • Twelve pages containing date labels measuring about 3 x3 -
  • Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow cards spanning across one page that measures roughly up to -7.5x3 -
  • One-day week card label spanning across one page which measures estimated sizes of up to roughly -5*1

Editability: Powered by Microsoft PowerPoint!

The Classroom Calendar is wholly editable allowing educators to quickly modify every single detail according to their requirements or even juggle around with designs themselves.

Printing Settings

For optimum results files should be printed out under 'FIT TO PAGE' printer settings.

Creative Flexibility

Change fonts as per one's preference, ensuring that the Classroom Calendar aligns aesthetically and functionally with the educator's vision for their learning environment.

Adaptable Learning Tool

Suited for all levels of learning owing to its flexibility and adaptability, this resource can be employed in whole-group settings or small-group settings. It serves as a mutually beneficial tool by fostering consistent routines and enhancing school-home linkages with visually appealing displays.

Resource Tags

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