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Crash Course Government Episode Worksheet | 18 - Legal System Basics

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Crash Course Government: Legal System Basics Worksheet Helping students understand government and politics can be challenging. Without relevant connections to their lives, these topics can easily be overlooked. This 2-page worksheet accompanies the Crash Course Government video on Legal System Basics to make these connections for students. With 15 fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions, students will gain understanding of the legal system as they watch the 8-minute video. An answer key is included for self-checking. This informative worksheet can be used individually or in groups. Print copies for each student to complete questions while viewing the first time. Then, allow a second independent viewing to solidify understanding. Online learners can click the provided video link to toggle between viewing and answering questions digitally. Use this engaging resource alongside the many other Crash Course Government materials in my store to effectively teach key civics and government concepts. Check out the Civil Rights Lecture Notes, Constitutional Clauses Worksheet, Arctic Survival Activity, and more at my Active Social Studies storefront on Teachers Pay Teachers.

What's Included

2 Word Docs with 2 pages each - fully editable

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