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Crash Course Government Episode Worksheet | 42 - Interest Groups

Crash Course Government Episode Worksheet | 42 - Interest Groups
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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

Title: Crash Course Government Episode Worksheet | 42 - Interest Groups

The Crash Course Government Episode Worksheet on Interest Groups is a teaching resource designed to enhance students' understanding of American government and politics. Both resonating with history and constitution, this worksheet is tailored to help educators guide students through the intricate web of the political world, specifically focusing on 'Interest Groups'.

The package contains a two-page editable worksheet with fifteen thought-provoking questions, engineered to stimulate intellectual student engagement. Accompanying it is an URL leading directly to an enlightening 8-minute video from Crash Course. This tutorial further enhances their learning experience by presenting its content in an engaging manner.

Included in this resource is a separate solution key document for self-assessment or facilitating answer discussions after completing the activity.

This educational tool can be utilized as:

  • Group activity with either whole class or smaller groups discussion
  • An individual homework assignment reinforcing comprehension.

Aimed at Grade 7-10 Social Studies learners focusing on government studies significantly benefit from incorporating these resources into their curriculum timetable.

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Please note that : The files are Microsoft Word Documents offering teachers flexibility to tweak content.

What's Included

2 Word docs with 2 pages each - fully editable

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