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Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth

An educational teaching resource from Jay Waggoner entitled Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





Jay Waggoner
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About This Product

This Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth is a great way to enable your students to find antiquated words that Shakespeare used in Macbeth. This is a great addition to your Shakespeare unit!

The Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth includes a lot of clues for students to find the vocabulary words from Macbeth. These are divided into vertical and horizontal words. There are 39 clues for vertical words, and 39 clues for horizontal words.

With this Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth, once all of the words are found, students can complete the crossword puzzle. This Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth is designed for students in high school level. It is a worksheet which can be completed individually, in pairs, or by placing students in groups. This Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth may be used in conjunction with a literature lesson, vocabulary, quotes or as part of a unit about Macbeth!

This Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth also includes the answers for easy revisions. Though you might not want to give away the answers until students have exhausted their knowledge and research!

This Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth is a ready to use resource, just have to print it!

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What's Included

This Crossword Puzzle: Macbeth includes a PDF file with 3 pages.

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