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Desk Pet Trading Cards - Classroom Management

Desk Pet Trading Cards - Classroom Management
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

This adorable set of desk pet trading cards can be whatever you need it to be. You can give them out to students for good behavior as part of your classroom management system or as rewards for reaching goals. They can trade them or earn more to create a larger collection. Students will be so excited to collect all the different pets! I have included one set with point values and one set without point values. My 3rd grade daughter thought up this unique twist on the popular "desk pets" and we both hope your students will love it!

How To Use This:

Choose whether you want weighted trading cards or just regular trading cards. Print the set out on card stock so they'll last longer. Carefully cut them apart. Laminate the cards and cut them apart again. Give each student a small box or envelope where they can store their cards. Hand them our as behavior rewards or when they accomplish or finish a task or goal. You might designate specific times for trading so that students don't get distracted during class. If you print multiple sets then you can encourage kids to collect the whole set or a large set of cards. You'd be shocked at what kids are willing to do to earn another one of these adorable pet cards!

What You Get:

- 132 desk pet trading cards

- 132 weighted desk pet trading cards (stars to indicate value)

What's Included

69-page PDF

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