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Dividing Fractions Lesson - Dividing Fractions Math Unit Mini Flip Book

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About This Product

Introducing the Dividing Fractions Lesson - Dividing Fractions Math Unit Mini Flip Book

This essential teaching tool is certain to become a staple in your classroom lessons on arithmetic with fractions. Aimed towards fifth-grade students studying maths, this highly useful resource aims at enhancing their understanding of the operations involved in fraction division.

A 5-Phase Essential Teaching Tool

  • This distinct flip book offers elementary instructions divided into beneficial 5-step phases.
  • Each phase spotlights critical vocabulary and lucid examples that elucidate the process of dividing fractions.
  • Please note that this resource focuses on strictly fractional numbers and does not include mixed values.
  • This learning aid can be tweaked for presenting advanced concepts involving mixed number divisions to provide a wider range of usable scenarios for your educational purposes.

Eco-friendly Approach to Learning

The double-sided design encourages prudent utilization of paper and ink reserves – an eco-friendly perspective to learning! Students receive due engagement through hands-on experience as they participate not just by using but by creating these learning tools from scratch, thereby promoting creativity aside from training arithmetic skills.

Main features:
  • A 10-page PDF document that's compatible with digital notebook applications.

      Bullet point nested within indent
        Focus shifts beyond merely reading: our format engages students directly via tasks related to the 'Keep Change Flip' method promoting active participation in education instead of passive information assimilation.
        - Instructional videos are included within this package ensuring seamless printing and assembly-making processes concerning these double-sided flip books.


    Suitable for all Educational Environments

    Whether utilized in larger classroom environments or more private tutoring settings, during regular class hours or as after-school assignments, this holistic maths workbook places environmentally mindful approaches at its forefront and suits all sorts of educational infrastructure requirements.

What's Included

1 PDF file with 10 pages.

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fraction division arithmetic hands-on learning math unit interactive

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