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Division 101: A Comprehensive Student's Guide to Division

Division 101: A Comprehensive Student's Guide to Division
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Title: Division 101: A Comprehensive Student's Guide to Division

As a knowledgeable resource for educators and students alike, Division 101: A Comprehensive Student’s Guide to Division is a detailed, effectively structured guide designed to facilitate better understanding of mathematical division concepts. This resource is ideal for public school teachers and homeschooling parents instructing Grade 5 through 8.

With years of tutoring experience backing up its development, the guide has been seamlessly modelled around areas that students frequently struggle with while learning division. The emphasis here is not only on dividing whole numbers but also on division involving quantities less than one (i.e., fractions).

An interesting aspect of this guide is its attempt at integrating the teaching of whole number division and fraction division. The goal here is simplification; students must perceive these ideas as connected rather than disjoint entities.

  • Whether you are starting from scratch or transitioning your students from whole number division into fraction divisions, this detailed manual serves as an efficient base.
  • Furthermore, it can be implemented in varying educational settings - as classroom-wide material, within smaller study groups or even assigned individually as homework.

The document type being PDF makes it easily accessible and convenient for printing multiple copies when needed. Students consistently indicate preference in having personal guides which contributes towards making their learning process enjoyable and fruitful.

Combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises helps routinely practice essential skills needed for successful math education. As an educator or homeschooling parent with minimal preparation time but maximum dedication towards providing the best resources possible for learners – you'll find 'Division 101' extremely valuable in streamlining your efforts and increasing conceptual clarity within your instruction module.

In line with EasyasABC's motto – For the cost of a cup of coffee, save hours of classroom planning

Investing in beneficial educational products like 'Division 101' helps ensure your learners achieve more while you can focus more on aiding their progression rather than extensive lesson preparation.

Note that supporting this product comes with an added benefit: 5% of its sales are donated to Plush Bear’s Shelter - sharing your contribution towards animal rescue and dog life-saving initiatives.

What's Included

* A Comprehensive Student's Guide to Division

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