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Editable Self-Checking Template Picture Reveal Maze Digital Resource 2

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About This Product

Editable Self-Checking Template Picture Reveal Maze Digital Resource 2

This pioneering teaching tool is designed to encourage active learning. The resource offers instant feedback (self-checking), promoting autonomy in students' learning journey.

Unique Fun Element

The resource includes a captivating picture-reveal maze that unravels as students answer the questions correctly. In case of an incorrect answer, the response turns red - acting as a prompt for revision.

Versatility and Flexibility

This template can hold up to twelve custom questions and answers. Its universality extends across all subjects and grade levels making it substantial for educators everywhere.

Minimal Preparatory Effort Required

  • Create your content within the template.
  • Protect through Google Sheets.
  • Distribute amongst students — applicable for whole group lectures or smaller sessions.
Difference in Classroom Instruction & Design-based Tasks

The product accommodates immediate comprehension check-ins amid ongoing tasks—enabling efficient resource planning necessary for quality teaching activities.

This ready-to-use product comes with:
  • Fully written & video instructions,

  • A Maze template inside Google Sheets put together by Digitally Yours Shop 2023 LLC.,

Note: Single-user license restricted exclusively personal use meanwhile boosting effective classroom management practices promoting solid resources pool catering several academic requirements without restraints to specific grades.

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