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ESL Present and Past Tense - 60 Verbs - 120 Worksheets - Distance Learning

ESL Present and Past Tense - 60 Verbs - 120 Worksheets - Distance Learning
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About This Product

ESL Present and Past Tense - 60 Verbs - 120 Worksheets - Distance Learning: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

This product is a highly effective tool for enhancing the language skills of beginner-level ESL students. It includes extensive worksheets that introduce learners to the present and past tense forms of sixty verbs.

Mainly recommended for first through tenth-grade students, these worksheets explore various facets of language learning, offering integrated lessons on:

  • Verb conjugation exercises
  • Short sentence composition in both simple present and simple past tenses.

A notable feature is that there are separate worksheets devoted just to understanding the use of each verb in simple present form, with a similar set available for their corresponding simple past tense versions. These are all neatly designed in a half-page format for ideal utilization of paper or digital devices.

Significant Emphasis on Meaningful Language Use

The product's strength lies not only in focusing on grammatical accuracy but also promoting an understanding through practical application. Each worksheet encourages learners to construct sentences using the featured verb in a particular tense, ensuring essential contextual engagement. An innovative addition is an embedded checklist that guides learners towards avoiding common mistakes before submission—a vital self-assessment method. The vast range offered extends from basic verbs like 'to have', 'to be', ‘to go’, right up until more complex ones such as 'to become', ‘to guess’, catering fittingly to beginners as well as intermediate level students.
Versatile Applications Across Multiple Platforms include:
  • Rapid follow-up quizzes post lessons
  • Homeschooling assignments reinforcing taught concepts
  • Exit slips assessing comprehension after sessions
  • Warm-up exercises at the onset of lesson beginnings
  • This is suitable for both public school teachers and homeschooling parents. Plus, laminated copies can serve as endless resources for repeated practice. Notice: The purchase of this teaching resource includes licenses for single classroom use, emphasizing the importance of adhering to these licensing terms and copyright restrictions to maintain educational design integrity. In essence, this collection of 120 worksheets is masterfully designed to cater specifically to ESL students while also offering significant benefits to non-ESL learners in enhancing their understanding of verb forms and sentence construction—a priceless addition to every language arts curriculum!

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