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February Math and Reading Packet | 5th Grade Valentine Math & Reading Activities

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Grade 5





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About This Product

February Math and Reading Packet for 5th Graders

This delightful packet offers a Valentine's Day themed array of activities designed to make learning fun and engaging. This comprehensive collection of worksheets is perfect for supplementing the curriculum during the holidays.

Literacy and Numeracy Activities Included:
  • Sight words
  • Rounding & Estimation
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Equivalent fractions & Fractions of a whole
  • Sentence Construction
  • Creative Writing tasks

  • Additional Features:
  1. a) Informational text comprehension pieces about fascinating topics like 'The History of Bubblegum' and 'Chasing Extreme Weather'

  2. b) Stimulating Poetry exercises to expand creative horizons.

    The versatility of this resource makes it valuable for teachers; use it as whole-class instruction material, in smaller groups, homework assignments or even quick activities at the end of your class. It's also an excellent tool for homeschoolers.

    No Hassle Prep!

    To respect your time, we’ve designed ready-to-go student pages eliminating any need for preparation from you! We've also included detailed teacher instructions ensuring smooth implementations. Also available are answer keys making grading a breeze!

    In Conclusion..

    For festive learning that's not just joyous but beneficial too - no other resources parallel our February Math & Reading Activities Packet tailor-made specifically for grade 5 students! Infuse your children's Valentine’s day with a love for learning that combines fun with academics - no sales gimmicks or overstated claims!

What's Included

Student Pages

Teacher Guide

Answer Keys

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