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Former or Latter? Printable Task Cards

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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Former or Latter? Printable Task Cards: A Boost to Vocabulary Skills in Language Arts

Grades 5, 6, and 7 students can significantly enhance their language arts and vocabulary skills using this innovative teaching resource. 'Former or Latter? Printable Task Cards' are designed to assist students in grasping the usage of the comparison words 'former' and 'latter', often encountered in articles and books.

About the Product

  • The set consists of 20 printable task cards, each outlining different scenarios for using the words former and latter, ensuring ample practice opportunities.
  • A unique feature is an introductory cue card that serves as an easy reference tool for remembering what these comparison terms represent.
  • This product can cater to various teaching styles and student learning preferences as it is apt for group discussions, small breakout sessions during language arts classes, or individual homework assignments.
  • An answer key included with the package allows swift corrections—be it individually or collaboratively—and promotes active learning via immediate feedback.

Why Choose Former or Latter? Printable Task Cards?

This resource offers a ready-to-use tool that enhances lesson efficiency without sacrificing educational value. Not only does it help students master essential vocabulary terms but also increases their comprehension skills. As educators strive to create more confident readers who understand context better when reading articles or books, this teaching resource delivers just that!

Note: To use this teaching resource effectively, you'll need to have PDF reader software installed on your device.

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