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French: Cadre d'une histoire

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Product Name: Cadre d'une histoire

Description: Offering a comprehensive and engaging resource for teaching and understanding the French language, this tool is primarily designed for Grade 3-5 students. Embodying practicality, simplicity and dynamism, the 38-page PDF workbook explores the world of French through descriptive vocabulary exercises aimed at expanding learners' usage of the five senses in conveying a narrative.

Main Features

  • Sensory Exploration: An exciting journey that walks learners through scenario graphing and use of sight (vocabulaire de la vue), hearing (vocabulaire de l’audition), smell (vocabulaire de l’odorat), taste (vocabulaire du goût) ,and touch (vocabulaire du toucher) in storytelling.
  • Cadre en colonnes: Providing column frameworks that guide kids to build stories systematically.
  • Evaluation Scheme: A built-in evaluation after each section perfect for classroom recap sessions or at-home assignments.
  • 'Composer des phrases': Writing practice sections where pupils are urged to form phrases using newly-acquired sensory words.

Vocabulary Lists Included!

Learns new vocabulary related to shapes, volumes, consistency and dimensions making vocabulary learning less daunting!

Beyond Worksheets...


In addition to worksheets this tool embellishes learning with original clipart images making comprehension easier while also benefitting visual learners who prefer beyond-the-text learning techniques. It doubles as coloring pages providing parents with another set of homework material!

In its essence?

This resource is more than just a language learning tool. It's a passport to the world of descriptive French language and storytelling for young learners.

What's Included

1 pdf and 38 pages

Resource Tags

French language storytelling vocabulary exercises sensory exploration

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