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French: Le lexique des célébrations

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French: Le lexique des célébrations

French: Le lexique des célébrations is a comprehensive teaching resource that effectively encompasses world languages and specifically delves into the study of French. Suitable for third, fourth, and fifth-grade learners, this valuable resource can be integrated into a variety of learning settings such as whole group lessons or small workgroup sessions. It could also be utilised as interesting homework assignments to support language reinforcement.

Detailed yet easy to navigate, the booklet presents vocabulary related to various celebrations throughout the year. Contained within its 11 pages are engaging materials centred on diverse events such as:

  • Noël (Christmas)
  • Halloween
  • Saint-Valentin (Saint Valentine’s Day)
  • Action de Grâces (Thanksgiving)
  • Jour du Souvenir(Remembrance Day)
  • Aniversaire de fête (Birthday Party)
  • Pâques (Easter)
  • ,
  • Carnaval de Québec (Quebec Winter Carnival), and Maple Festival(Festival De L'érable).

This pedagogical tool comes in PDF format making it effortless for educators–classroom teachers or homeschooling parents–to integrate within their current lesson plans or share with students electronically. The structure of "French: Le lexique des célébrations" lends itself well to being flexible; whether you choose to have your learners work through it chronologically following the year's celebrations order or pick-and-mix based on other relevant contextual studies.

In essence, this worksheet-style guide provides an engaging way for middle-grade pupils to gain confidence and competence in expanding their French vocabulary while concurrently immersing them into a rich world of intercultural awareness via international festivities comprehension.

What's Included

1 pdf and 11 pages

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French language Vocabulary Celebrations Cultural awareness Language acquisition

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