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French: Septembre

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About This Product

French: Septembre - A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

French: Septembre is an expansive 238-page PDF teaching tool perfectly tailored for Grade 3 to Grade 5 teachers. Designed primarily as a French language development asset, its utility goes beyond linguistics, serving integral roles across numerous subjects.

Variety in Activities Catering to Diverse Learning Needs

The resource accommodates a diverse range of learning needs by offering activities with different difficulty levels. From classroom management tools for teachers to tasks linked with early-year skills acquisition - it has got you covered.

Detailed Content Highlights:
  • Back-to-school letter templates, questionnaires for parents and students
  • 'Find somebody in this class who...'- Interacting activities that weave the class together,
  • A collection of reading diagnostic exercises about 'tardigrades', self-evaluation mechanisms.

Fostering Critical Thinking and Social Skills Development

Beyond mastering languages, the guide focuses on nurturing critical thinking savvy and improving social skills among students. It emphasizes aspects such as friendship fostering and conflict resolution methods.

Digital Competence Enhancement & Mathematics Enrichment:
Students are equipped with effective internet research methodologies while being taught to assess the credibility of online sources building their digital confidence; Math dictation tasks evaluated by grade level along relevant worksheets focusing on multiplication tables are also available.

A Variety of Ice-Breaker Games & Group Activities:

Group-based games that double serve as educational improvisation routines (constructing tower game) reinforce teamwork encouraging individual assessments like creating comics or descriptions based on real-life school scenarios. In conclusion, "French: Septembre" stands as your ultimate guide to kick off a rewarding academic year-filled with comprehensive content that accommodates whole group instruction or smaller peer group learning, altering the mundane machine of homework assignments.

What's Included

1 pdf and 238 pages

Resource Tags

French language back-to-school activities language learning social skills critical thinking

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