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Geometry - Drill Sheets Vol. 6 Gr. PK-2

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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Geometry - Drill Sheets Vol. 6 Gr. PK-2

This teaching resource is designed primarily as an engaging and dynamic avenue for students between grades PK-2, to review and practice core geometry concepts in an interactive way.

  • 17 ready-to-print PDF pages constituting warm-up exercises and timed drills.
  • Different levels of difficulty offering a plethora of differentiated learning opportunities.
  • Topics covered include two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, fractions, coordinate points as well as composing and decomposing shapes.

A key feature is the provision for introspection on each drill sheet where students can doodle related diagrams or note down reflections on their performance. The design also includes space for the introduction of technology thus reinforcing modern pedagogical methods.

Inclusion Of Standards:
  • The resource comes equipped with assessment rubrics corresponding perfectly with Common Core State Standards.
  • Blooms Taxonomy, STEM & NCTM standards based review sheets are included too.

Bonus Features:

  • Vibrant Activity Posters:: These can add color & liveliness to classroom sessions or at-home learning settings influencing visual memory in positive ways!
  • Bonus Worksheets:: Serves wonderfully for added practice or homework assignments further solidifying conceptual clarity over time.

This resource proves to be an invaluable asset within every educator's toolkit regardless if navigating a public school environment or homeschooling scenarios; this dynamic teaching resource beckons unique, hands-on learning experiences in the engaging realm of geometry.

What's Included

1 PDF with 17 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

math drills geometry shapes 3D shapes fractions

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