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Greater than Less than Equal to 1-20 - 50 More or Less activities

Greater than Less than Equal to 1-20 - 50 More or Less activities
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To 1-20 - 50 More or Less Activities

As educators, students often struggle with the concept of comparing numerals and sets. The 'Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To 1-20 - 50 More or Less Activities' Resource has been specifically designed to address this challenge.

This tool is primarily for kindergarten and first-grade students. Its main focus is teaching early maths concepts and numbers using a range of fun and interactive activities that increase their mathematical aptitude.

The resource offers flexibility in delivery modes:

  • Whole classroom instruction
  • Small group lessons
  • Homeschooling
  • Distance learning situations

Included in the Pack:

The resource features ten worksheets aimed at enhancing proficiency through several exercises comparing numbers from one up to twenty. These exercises can be engaging for children practicing independently at home or collaboratively in school settings.

Morning Work Structures:

It could be integrated into morning work routines; aiding independent work situations while also being a reliable addition for maths centers due to its calculus-based tasks inspired by Common Core Standards for Mathematics Kindergarten. This toolkit should align variably with general curriculum standards globally recognized across different schools given its downloadable nature as a PDF file type ensuring availability irrespective of location or time frames--a practical necessity more so during remote teaching/learning contexts. The product promotes resilience within young learners by integrating elements like 'greater than,' 'less than,' 'equals' which are habitually perceived complex yet here have been broken down via lucid explanation coupled with captivating illustrations hence encouraging progressive practice until mastery. The Greater Than Less Than Equal to 1-20 - 50 More or Less Activities’ is perfect for homeschooling environments too because of its user-friendly design and precise instructions providing a holistic approach to instill a strong mathematical base in early learners.

What's Included

This resources in this packet is based on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics Kindergarten.

* These worksheets include:

10 worksheets to make comparing numbers 1-20.

How to use these worksheets:

Skill Practice


Distance learning

Morning Work

Independent work


Math Centers

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