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High-Frequency Picture Words: Match and Print

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

High-Frequency Picture Words: Match and Print

A valuable teaching resource designed to enhance vocabulary, recognize sight words, and promote comprehension among young learners. This compelling educational tool fosters familiarity with 120 ordinary nouns through real-life images that serve as visual aids.

The match and print resource

Taps into the power of picture associations to bolster a student's ability to develop anchor words. It focuses on high-frequency words adoption which kindles early reading skills.

Vocabulary Building Strategy

  • An effective way of enhancing students' collection of known vocabulary words.
  • Bolsters their reading and spelling abilities significantly by using picture associations for reference of analogous words.

Inclusion of Letter-Shape Recognition Boxes & Color Graphic Organizers

Ingeniously integrated tools that assist in word recognition by enabling students to categorize letters into small, tall or hanging categories. Graphic organizers structure information visually thus intensifying understanding while enhancing memory retention

Comprehension Quiz for Interactive Learning

To test assimilation levels further, a comprehension quiz is provided - making learning interactive yet insightful.

This learning material comprises ready-to-print pages in PDF format grouped according to kindergarten-level Language Arts subject under the Vocabulary subcategory
  • Tailored for whole group settings or smaller groups within classrooms including individual student attention during homework assignments.
  • Closely aligns with Common Core State Standards apart from drawing inspiration from Bloom's Taxonomy principles.
  • Favored by educators who seek simplistic yet effective vocabularic techniques:
    This reliable teaching aid plays a crucial role towards nurturing independent readers packed with expandable word knowledge.

What's Included

1 PDF with 36 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

sight words word recognition comprehension high frequency words picture words

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