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How Do I Improve My Grades In GCSE English writing? PART 2 (14-16 years)

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About This Product

How Do I Improve My Grades In GCSE English Writing? PART 2 (14-16 years)

The resource is designed to serve as a valuable tool for public school teachers and home educators. It aims at specifically improving GSCE English language examination comprehension amongst students, focusing on writing skills for learners aged 14 -16. This revision tool, with its extensive content over 49 pages, promises to improve grades significantly.

Designed by expert tutors, it reflects deep understanding of the essentials required for a new GCCE examination. The guide can be used in versatile ways – be it during pressing revision periods or as part of scheduled academic lessons.

Main emphases:

  • An understanding of text gleaning methods and inferential skills development
  • Proficiency amelioration in non-fiction task handling and literature paper responses
  • Application of different writing formats that inform, persuade or advise without compromising tone and register intended for audience
P.E.E.R technique mastering (Point-Evidence-Technique-Effect-Response):-
This technique provides structure in written tasks helping students organise their thoughts better. Being concise with presented thoughts is an essential trait successful exam respondents possess!
Focused learning on rhetorical techniques like:
  1. Direct reader questions
  2. Inclusive pronouns application
  3. Fancy stylistic devices usage: similes metaphors sophisticated vocabulary further enhancing skill stratagem developed over time.
  4. Key features include:-
      A hands-on guide to:
      - Efficient use of rhetorical techniques
      Instructional lists featuring proven methods helping figure out key words in any task
      Planned responses:
      - Provision of ample worksheets for practical application/thorough understanding
      - Useful in larger groups, smaller groups or individual student contexts
      Applicable while setting home assignments or when a student works standalone, rendering it an optimal choice for public school and homeschool settings alike

    Giving due importance to essential elements like accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar are also covered substantially. In conclusion, this guide facilitates every student to ace their GCCE English language exams by striving that everyone secures a grade C or above. It's highly recommended as a resourceful guide aiding students in the enhancement of their linguistic and stylistic skills requisitioned in examinations.

What's Included

49 pages

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