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Learn sounds ai and ay (play and explain).

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Learn sounds ai and ay (play and explain)

Muddy Shoes, part of the Learn To Read With Phonics Reading Packs series, is an excellent resource to reinforce the phonics sound 'ea'. With this pack, reading proficiency can be achieved in a span of six months by integrating 44 phonics sounds within the story text.

This teaching resource caters to all learning styles from preschool through grade 1, also proving beneficial for homeschoolers. It equally supports older readers ages 7 and up who may be reluctant readers or those for whom English is a second language.

  • The adventures of Sam serve as an engaging means for children to familiarize themselves with around 80% of words in English language by deconstructing them into constituent phonemes or syllables.

  • The pack also offers practice pages for word-to-picture matching exercises designed to firmly root specific sound words into learners' memory.

  • It pairs simple text with amusing color sketches aimed at young readers' appeal thereby making these resources both practical and enjoyable.


The recommended method includes introducing the target sound (in this case 'ai' & 'ay') then encouraging repetitive readings of sentences/stories relating imagery associated with given words/phrases until they become familiarized. As students get strengthened over their grasp on related sounds, they can simultaneously expand their vocabulary comprehending material so as to form solid literacy foundation skills development blocks.


New learners are advised to start progressing from initial packs focusing on three or four-letter word building before moving onto phonic sounds like ch, sh wh etc., followed then by complex ones like suffixes and prefixes only.

In conclusion:

This innovative product represents an essential resource that encourages active learning for mastering reading through phonics. With its engaging text and visuals, it proves to be highly useful for educators aiming at achieving literacy success.

What's Included

16 pages

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