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Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds 'd, g, f, x’ (3 years +)

Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds 'd, g, f, x’ (3 years +)
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Product: Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds 'd, g, f, x’ (3 years +)

An ideal tool for both public school educators and homeschooling parents is the resource "Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds 'd, g, f, x’ (3 years +)". It is designed to jumpstart a child's reading journey with a solid foundation in phonics. This educational resource offers an alternative to traditional learning paths by aiming to teach kids how to read within six months to a year.

This pack focuses on the initial phonic sounds like ‘d', 'g', 'f', and 'x'. By empowering learners with these foundational pronunciation tools, they gain access to approximately 80% of the words in the English language. The remaining 20% are taught through sight word recognition


"Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds" can be used in diverse learning environments including whole group instruction in classrooms or individually at home as part of homework assignments. It provides clear instructions for adults guiding a child or group of children through each session.

Promotion of Active Learning

The package promotes active learning by integrating:

  • Word building exercises
  • Sentence creation exercises
  • Engaging word games such as snap and bingo

"It transforms reading acquisition into an enjoyable experience. The material presents new sounds gradually making it easy for children accustomed to previous lessons before moving forward. The "Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds" pack introduces more than just alphabet sounds; it also covers sounding out words using phonics and blending those phonic sounds into three-letter and four-letter words—essential skills that will serve these youngsters even beyond their preschool days. Children are encouraged not only just learn but also interact creatively with this pack - adding personal touches to drawings or weaving unique ideas into its usage will make the learning journey more personalized for them. Consisting of three pages formatted as a PDF file type under Language Arts subcategory Phonics suitable for Early Learning level up until Preschool students - this comprehensive educational tool comfortably fits into both the conventional classroom and homeschooling environments. With daily practice using this pack, learners should familiarize themselves with its material and incrementally build their reading capabilities.

Encourage young learners to have fun while learning to read with "Learn The Initial Phonic Sounds 'd, g, f, x’ (3 years +)". It's more than just an educational resource – it's a launchpad for their literacy journey.

What's Included

3 pages

Resource Tags

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