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Life as a Convict diary writing activity

An educational teaching resource from Tasstudent Resorces entitled Life as a Convict diary writing activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Life as a Convict Diary Writing Activity

This unique activity immerses students of grades 4 to 6 into the world of convicts in England during the late 1700s. It is a two-page document designed to enhance students' empathy and descriptive writing abilities while providing valuable historical context.

Broad Educational Implications:
  • Serves as an informative resource for studying about convicts and social history, with a focus on British History.
  • Promotes understanding through imaginative empathy.
  • Encourages comprehensive conciseness. 
Versatile Implementation:
  • Can be incorporated into classroom discussions or assigned as reflective homework.
  • Applicable for active learning techniques and replacement lessons if needed.
Crafting Persuasive Content:

The activity provides sections for student responses which helps develop their perspective-taking abilities. It allows them to tap into persuasive writing skills as they articulate possible emotions experienced by these historical characters.

Teacher Feedback Section:\

A dedicated section for teacher feedback ensures effective communication regarding student performances while allowing each participant's voice to be heard. 

Digital Convenience:\

This instructional material is formatted as a PDF file, enabling teachers to conveniently present it on e-blackboards or printouts depending on individual classroom dynamics."

\ In Summary,\

"The Life As A Convict Diary Writing Activity  not only enriches Historical Knowledge also stimulates academic growth through methods such as creative expression via written word and constructive teacher feedback. Indeed, an innovative way of nurturing critical thinking among young learners with Appeal.

What's Included

2 Page document with writing space for students and teacher feedback

Resource Tags

convicts diary writing empathy descriptive writing social history

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