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Long Division with Remainders Digital Game - Digital Math Baking Game

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About This Product

The Long Division with Remainders Digital Game

Are you an educator looking for a compelling resource to bolster your students' division skills? Well, gear up because we have something tailored specifically for fourth and fifth-grade students - The Long Division with Remainders Digital Game. This digital math game makes arithmetic practice engaging and interesting.

We all agree that teaching long division can be challenging due to its complex process involving multiple steps. But with this sweet-themed digital game, learning long division is transformed into a fun experience no student would want to miss out on! It employs a baking-oriented theme which adds the element of practicality by presenting math concepts in real-world scenarios.

About the Long Division with Remainders Digital Game

  • In this game, each learner gets hands-on practice solving thirty problems dealing explicitly with four-digit divisors and one-digit dividends.
  • The feedback is instant – students are required to crack the problem right before stepping forward in order to reinforce correct knowledge application.
  • You get a flexible resource as it seamlessly fits into varying educational setups including independent work, center activities or pair assignments;

Tailoring Education & Keeping Track

With technology taking education by storm lately, educators realize assigning tasks online helps easily track student performance compared to manual checking. Adding fun elements like our 'Long Division with Remainders'Digital Game will excite their learning journey!

Besides long division concepts, elements like number sense are also effortlessly integrated into gaming sessions, making it an all-in-one Math game suitable for both public school teachers and homeschoolers alike.

Importantly, our bundled package comes in PDF format ensuring compatibility across various platforms without any loss of quality or performance issues – an essential utility feature most appreciated by teachers worldwide.

Get Engrossed!

Please take a moment to review how your pupils interact with these games. You'd be amazed to see just how engrossing students find math practices when they are made this fun!

Congratulations! The Long Division with Remainders Digital Game is here to sweeten your math classes indeed.

What's Included

1 PDF file and a Digital Google Slides Game

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