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LSF Fonts: Volume 9

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About This Product

LSF Fonts: Volume 9 - Innovative Teaching Resource

Aimed at educators and homeschoolers, this product offers an innovative way to spice up any educational material. The LSF Fonts: Volume 9 provides a fresh perspective on usual lessons while enhancing the text appearance.

Unique and Attractive Designs

This resource comes with five creatively designed fonts, namely:

  • LSF Comet
  • LSF Starburst
  • LSF Black Hole
  • LSF Galaxy
  • LSF Milky Way+.

      The distinctive designs can inject vibrancy into your teaching materials by appealing to students' aesthetics.

      User-friendly Installation Process

      The fonts are breeze to install on any platform, no requirement for specific software or technical knowledge. Once installed, ordinary text could be easily transformed into dynamic and visually arresting writing.

      Versatile Usage Across Academic Subjects And Levels

      The fonts can be employed seamlessly across multiple academic subjects and grade levels. Perfect for preparing handouts for elementary students or PowerPoint presentations for high schoolers – these fonts cater to all needs.

      Bonus Benefit - Personal & Commercial Use Rights Included!

      You can use these fonts beyond classroom assignments - like newsletters or event posters. As the commercial right is included with these whopping creative resources!

      An Assortment of Possible Classroom Applications

      • An engaging classroom discussion highlighted by LSF Starburst font added in a presentation slide,
      • Different study groups each represented by distinct font style,
      • Homework instructions written in LSF Black Hole font for a strong impact.


      Leverage enormous benefits of the LSF Fonts: Volume 9. A great resource offering aesthetic satisfaction, enhanced teaching materials interaction and emphasizing on lesson nuances. Unleash your creativity with these visually immersive, distinct and memorable fonts!

What's Included

5 TTF fonts

Resource Tags

fonts teaching resource educational materials visual appeal typography

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