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My Friend has ADHD Social Story

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About This Product

My Friend has ADHD Social Story This 6-page printable social story resource uses simple language and colorful illustrations to help children understand what ADHD is. It explains how a friend with ADHD may act differently at times and provides tips for being patient, helpful, and kind. The story covers ADHD symptoms like trouble sitting still or paying attention, being extra energetic, acting silly or impatient, and more. Teachers can use this resource one-on-one or in small groups to increase awareness, empathy, and inclusion regarding classmates with ADHD. It's also useful for counselors and parents looking to educate children about respecting neurological differences. With a reassuring tone and easy-to-grasp narrative, this social story gives kids the knowledge to support friends with ADHD.

What's Included

Contains a 22 page PDF social story

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