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Practicing Multiplication and Division - 3rd Grade - Multiple Choice

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Grade 3





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About This Product

Students in the third grade are at a critical juncture in their mathematical education. Mastering basic multiplication and division facts lays the foundation for future success in math and beyond. To meet this need, I have created another collection of printable worksheets to provide (almost) endless opportunities for practice. 

With a simple click, these worksheets can be generated on-demand with randomized numbers, ensuring endless variety. Students will never do the same sheet twice! Three difficulty levels allow you to differentiate for individual learners:

- within 50

- within 100 

- within 144

Additionally, the sets within the range of numbers to 100 & 144 each have a standard and advanced version. The standard version includes a mix of low and high numbers, while the advanced features predominantly larger numbers for an extra challenge.

In total, there are three distinct worksheet types to target key skills:

- 20 multiplication questions 

- 20 division questions

- 20 mixed multiplication and division questions

Each worksheet contains 20 questions in multiple choice format. Students select from four possible answers. This provides good practice for standardized testing formats.

The benefits of these automatically generated worksheets are numerous. They allow students to practice key skills as often as needed to commit those facts to memory. You can use them for classwork, homework, review, assessment preparation, or daily practice throughout the year. Their endless variety means they never get dull or repetitive. 

These printables require no preparation on your part. Just print and use anytime. With answers automatically generated every time you create a new worksheet it makes them ideal for substitute teachers on short notice. Give your students the repetition they need to master multiplication and division. These no-frills worksheets will help them build a critical foundation for math success.

Lastly, it's essential to note that these resources are compatible PDF documents. They operate seamlessly with the official Adobe Acrobat Reader on both Windows and Mac.

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