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President's ABC Order Worksheet #2

President's ABC Order Worksheet #2
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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Presidents Alphabetical Order Worksheet #2

This Second Half Presidents Alphabetical Order Worksheet is a great resource for teachers who want to help their students learn more about the Presidents. This worksheet can be used in a number of different ways to help students learn the names of the last twenty-three Presidents in alphabetical order.


What You Get:

This is a 2-page printable PDF that was designed for elementary students. The first page is the worksheet, and the second page is the answer key.

How to Implement the Presidents Alphabetical Order Worksheet:


This worksheet will tackle two skills at the same time. Students will get to practice placing words in alphabetical order while also learning and reviewing president names. This is a 2-part worksheet, and this is the second half. It consists of the last 23 presidents of the United States from 1889 - 2016.


When you are studying U.S. Presidents during your social studies lessons, this printable will make a great companion. It can be used as an introduction or review for presidents and the skill of alphabetical order.


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What's Included

A 2-page printable PDF

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Presidents Worksheet ABC Order Worksheet Alphabetical Order Grammar Worksheet ABC Order Social Studies American Presidents

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