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Printable St. Patrick's Day Crafts

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

These 6 St. Patrick's Day Paper Crafts are super easy to print and create with your students. This packet contains six different craft projects and writing templates to go along with it in case you want to extend the project. We hope these crafts will enhance your class's St. Patrick's Day celebrations and parties. They would also be fun to print and send home with students to do with families and friends in their free time.

How to Use This:

Print the specific crafts you want to use. Then supply all the necessary supplies such glue, scissors, and coloring materials. Assist your students as necessary but also let them have some St. Patrick's Day fun!


What You Get:

·       Template for a pot of gold.


·       Design a shamrock. Students will add words, designs, pictures, and colors to make it unique.


·       Template for mix and match Leprechauns. Students will color all the leprechaun pieces they want to use. Then cut out all the pieces. Glue the pieces together to create their own unique leprechaun. They will probably have enough pieces to make several!


·       Design a gold coin. Students will add words, designs, pictures, and colors to make it unique.


·       Template for gold at the end of a rainbow. Students will color each piece and cut out. Then glue the cloud and pot of gold to the end of the rainbow.


·       Template for a 3D shamrock. Students will Color each of these pieces and cut them out. Snip down the indicated line on the leaf piece. Then fold on the dotted line. Pull the tabs together and glue or tape the tabs together to create a leaf with shape. Then arrange the four leaves with the points in the center. Attach together and then add the stem underneath.



·       5 St. Patrick's Day writing templates for extended learning.

What's Included

A 16 page printable PDF

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