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Pseudo Crosswords: 20 Questions Hamlet

An educational teaching resource from Jay Waggoner entitled Pseudo Crosswords: 20 Questions Hamlet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





Jay Waggoner
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About This Product

The Pseudo Crosswords: 20 Questions Hamlet Teaching Resource

This is a unique and engaging educational tool for educators, public school teachers and homeschoolers, this resource breathes new life into the study of the world-renowned play - "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare.

Not Your Typical Crossword Puzzle!

The Pseudo Crosswords: 20 Questions Hamlet stands out from common crossword puzzles. Created with a standard 15 square by 15 square grid, it includes about 40 total and distinctive theme-related clues, around 8 to 15 in number.

  • Happily breaks usual rules like two-letter words restriction or compulsory puzzle symmetry.

  • All its questions (a complete set of twenty!) are directly related to the themes in "Hamlet".

  • Mainly suitable for students from Grade levels from 9 through to level-12.

  • Fits perfectly within Language Arts syllabuses that cover Literature studies.

This educational invention offers an excellent way to revisit important elements/themes of "Hamlet" making learning fun yet educationally rich activity. It also promotes familiarity with avant-garde literary approaches similar to those adopted by Shakespeare himself during his epoch.

This product is provided as a ready-to-use PDF document making it very convenient for distribution in class or remotely over digital platforms if need be.

Much More Than Just an Educational Tool…

  1. An extension of a larger project named "Fake-Crossword" series aiming at covering all ten plays written by, you guessed it right - Shakespeare!

  2. New additions under development scheduled for release soon!

    Incorporate some innovative fun into your literature lessons using Pseudo Crosswords: 20 Questions Hamlet today!

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