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Remembrance day

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About This Product

The Remembrance Day Teaching Resource is a comprehensive set of education material designed with Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 in mind. Discover the depths of Remembrance Day through our detailed guides and exercises.


  • Spelling Lists: Themed around Remembrance Day, these lists are an excellent tool for vocabulary development.
  • Acrostics: A creative exercise to instill context in the minds of youngsters.
  • Ceremonial Information: An extensively researched segment providing insights into the significance attached to ceremonies commemorating this day.
  • National Memorials: Educate students about important national sites marking this day.

Beyond Remembering:

We go beyond merely familiarizing students with memorials and ceremonies. This resource not only enlightens but also engages the intellect through encapsulated Critical Thinking Exercises. These exercises pose essential questions like 'Why is poppy significant on Remembrance Day?' thereby fostering a deep understanding of commemoration strategies at a national level while simultaneously building their language arts skills.

Creativity & Learning:

Tucked amidst these lessons are vintage styled flashcards fostering creativity along with sentence crafting exercises aiding in honing language arts skills as well.

Dotted throughout the resource are 'Drawing Sections' where knowledge meets creativity making learning fun!

Educational Games:
  1. Word Search Puzzles: Filled with Remembrance Day vocabulary for enriching your word power.
  2. Bingo: A game centred on essential terminologies related to Remembrance Day.
Enhancement through Empathy:

We also provide prewriting guidelines leading up to storytelling of war narratives which not just improve their writing skills but helps cultivate empathy too.

For Teachers:

All our questions come with ready answer keys easing the evaluation process.

Packaged as a simple PDF file type, this product is not only comprehensive but easy to implement. Ideal for group or individual study, it serves as an invaluable resource throughout the year, but importantly around November 11. Remembering history is crucial and our resource ensures we can all learn from it efficiently.

What's Included

1 pdf and 45 pages

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Remembrance Day teaching resource activities critical thinking language arts

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