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Renaissance Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK

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Renaissance Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK

This is an engaging, exploratory resource designed to immerse students in the high points of the Renaissance era. Focusing on second through twelfth graders, it's perfect for inclusion into Social Studies and World History lessons.

Focused Content Areas

  • Architecture & Art
  • Music & Dance
  • Science, Inventions, Astronomy
  • Food and Clothing trends of the time

Specially created interactive foldables are utilized to enhance cognitive learning while revealing interesting information about this intriguing time in history.

Influential Figures from the Renaissance Period:

    Renaissance Men: Maurice Duval - a pioneering architect;,     Jacob Bernoulli - a renowned scientist;,     Emilo Delizia - an innovative artist;    Johannes Gutenberg - a revolutionary printer; …and many more. , , ,
    Galileo Galilei - an astronomical pioneer;
    Martin Luther's religious reformation role.
    Raphael - a leading artist; groundbreaking authors like William Shakespeare,
    Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I; avid explorer Christopher Columbus. Visionary scientists Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci are also focused upon.
    Significant Renaissance Events:
    - Formation of Italian City-States
    - Advent of the Age of Exploration
    - Reign of the Elizabethan Era
    - Rise of the Ottoman Empire including Northern Renaissance

    The EBOOK is a 15-page PDF file designed as a worksheet. It can foster high levels of classroom engagement, suitable for public school teachers or homeschooling parents. The document can be easily adapted for whole group discussions, small study groups or assigned as individual homework tasks.

    Simple download and get ready to launch your class into an all-encompassing exploration journey through history!

What's Included

15 pages in PDF format

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Renaissance Interactive Foldable Booklets History Curriculum

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