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Samuel Pepys Plague Diary Comprehension (age 9 years +)

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled Samuel Pepys Plague Diary Comprehension (age 9 years +) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Samuel Pepys Plague Diary Comprehension

Designed for students aged nine and above, Samuel Pepys Plague Diary Comprehension is a comprehensive teaching resource that combines both history and language arts. Boasting 24 pages of structured activities, it takes students on an exploration of the great plague of 1665 through the eyes of renowned diary-keeper Samuel Pepys.

Main Features:

  • Reading Comprehension Improvement:
  • The cornerstone of this package is key extracts from Samuel Pepys' diary. This encourages students to delve into authentic historical accounts, fostering objectivity, analytical thinking, and primary source appreciation.

  • Intriguing Plague Facts:
  • Around the comprehension exercises are data about the great plague, helping to enhance learners' knowledge about this era while promoting connections between past events and their current relevance.

  • Creative Flourishes:
  • Beyond factual recall exercises are opportunities for creativity in form of writing and drawing tasks connected with the epoch under study. Catering to different types learning styles hence making learning more fun yet all-encompassing.

This teaching repertoire can be employed during group sessions or used as homework engagement gears for independent study. It's a versatile tool suitable for Grade 5 up till Grade 7 pupils majorly Language Arts classes but equally applies History lessons mastery making it a gem-of-an-interdisciplinary marvel!

The easily navigable PDF format ensures user-friendliness thus facilitating easy dissemination amongst learners irrespective their technical know-how levels.

What's Included

24 pages

Resource Tags

Samuel Pepys Plague Diary Reading comprehension Primary sources Historical impacts

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