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Spanish Crossword: Animals of North America - Animales de America del Norte

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About This Product

This crossword has animals of North America  in Spanish. After filling the crossword, you will find a hidden message from the grey vertical row! This product is a print-and-go and ready-to-use pdf that includes answers. This resource is created for vocabulary building.

This resource is suitable for any student learning Spanish, because the hints are given as pictures, you don’t even have to know these words in English! Some of the words are very basic, such as el zorro or el lobo, some of them are a little bit more difficult such as la zarigüeya. The hidden message in this crossword is: fauna silvestre

With Spanish vocabulary, you have to consider if the word is feminine or masculine. In this crossword I’ve solved this issue by printing the definite article ready for the crossword. This makes it easier for younger students to understand the crossword (exactly one letter for each square) while still introducing the gender of each word. In this crossword, there is also a notion that often the article depends on the sex of the animal.

Filling the crossword: Students look at the pictures below the crossword. Each picture has a number. When they recognize the word in Spanish, they should write the word into the corresponding horizontal row in the crossword one letter at a time. Don’t forget the accents!  

This resource is suitable for individual work or small groups. This resource is at its best with students

  • Age 9 or older if Spanish is a foreign language. In that case, students can use some dictionary or translator to support their work

  • For younger students if they have a strong background (For example, Spanish spoken at home etc)

There are also other Spanish crosswords like this in my Teach Simple page: 

What's Included

2 printable pdf pages.

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