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About This Product

Spanish Reading Comprehension Bundle: La Cigarra y la Hormiga Fable Transport students to the wintry world of La Cigarra y la Hormiga, a classic Spanish fable about a lazy cicada and a hardworking ant. This reading comprehension bundle from the Lecturitas Invierno G2-G3 Collection helps early Spanish readers practice reading, writing, and comprehension. The La Cigarra y la Hormiga bundle includes one fable text, three open-ended reading comprehension questions for written responses, a digital worksheet, an answer key, and a collection index. Use it for whole group instruction, small group work, or independent practice. Lecturitas reading bundles are ideal for native Grade 2-3 Spanish speakers or A2 CERF level Spanish learners ready for intermediate literacy. Find similar bundles from the Lecturitas Invierno series in my store featuring poems, legends, stories, and informational passages.

What's Included

5 pages in PDF

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Fable Fabula Cuentos Infantiles Para Leer Cuentos Cortos Lecturas Para Niños Short Stories In Spanish Cuentos Cortos Para Leer spanish espanol

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