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Spring Fractions Matching Game Activity - 1/2s to 1/5s - Printable

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Spring Fractions Matching Game Activity - 1/2s to 1/5s - Printable

This is an educational resource designed predominantly for educators. It benefits students from grade 1 through to grade 4, solidifying and improving their understanding of halves and fifths.

The Spring Fractions resource is a memory matching game with a festive touch, integrating holidays and seasonal motifs into its design. Through the adjustable difficulty level, this activity can suit both large school classes or smaller homeschooling situations.


  • Print the cards available.
  • Cut them up individually.
  • Laminate(Optional) for longevity purposes.

Kids-friendly designs:

The game rules are straightforward:All you need to do is flip over pairs of cards and match them together if they are identical while using correct visualization techniques along certain mathematical principles. Despite looking like fun on surface – it provides deeper learning outcomes through repeat play sessions which will help reinforce recognition patterns. One can also opt for economic black & white printing options that have been thoughtfully included as alternatives. A versatile teaching tool:This product proves very handy across several situations suiting either single-player engagement or multi-player sessions involving two or more players. It also serves as an excellent tool across varying teaching strategies supporting group instruction, independent work or homework assignments reinforcing practical understanding about fractions in a charming spring themed manner.

What's Included

Teacher information

5 versions of all printable cards - symbols, circles, squares, circles with symbols, squares with symbols

Black and White printing options

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Spring Fractions Matching Game Memory Game Visual Representation Hands-on Learning

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