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Suffix ED Worksheet

Suffix ED Worksheet
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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

If you want to give students extra practice with their grammar skills, I have just the resource for you.  This worksheet is a great way for students to practice adding the suffix ED to words. By doing this, they can improve their spelling and writing skills. This Suffix ED Worksheet is a great way for students to learn how to correctly apply suffixes. Whether you are looking for a review, an introduction, or an informal assessment, this worksheet will serve that purpose!

What You Get:

This is a 2-page printable PDF that was designed for 1st and 2nd grade language arts students. The first page has 10 sentences. The second page is the answer key.

How to Implement This Suffix ED Worksheet:

This Suffix ED Worksheet consists of 10 sentences for students to read and fill in the blank. For each sentence, students will add ed and write the new work in the blank. This worksheet can be utilized in a variety of engaging ways. Some ways included are:

-- You can print off a class set for all students to complete. When you have introduced the –ed suffix to students, you can complete this worksheet as a whole group. While you have a worksheet displayed on the smart board, students can have a copy at their desks.

-- Students can work as partners or small groups to complete the worksheet.   

-- This can be used as a homework assignment. It also works well as a formal assessment that can be scored for a grade.

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What's Included

1 PDF with 2 printable pages

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