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Sweet Scandinavian Modern Alphabet

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About This Product

Sweet Scandinavian Modern Alphabet

The Sweet Scandinavian Modern Alphabet is a versatile teaching resource designed for educators at various grade levels. This ranges from early learning and Preschool to grades 1 through 5. This beautifully minimalistic, contemporary product enhances any classroom environment with a touch of cuteness brought by sweet animal illustrations.

Scandinavian Decor in Classrooms

Scandinavian or Scandi decor helps make classrooms feel welcoming while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The use of black and white ensures this alphabet set can easily blend into any classroom theme. Besides, the dash of adorable animal embellishments adds an attractive element that appeals to both teachers and learners.

Educational Opportunity for Different Fonts

  • Cursive Font
  • Print Font
  • Scandi Font

This shines light on its flexibility for use in different learning setups including a preschool version, which makes it well-suited even for very young learners beginning their literacy journey.

Versatility in Design Choices

The Sweet Scandinavian Modern Alphabet includes three distinct designs to choose from giving teachers 'the joy of mix-and-matching options'. These alphabet sets can be utilized not just during regular schooldays but also serve as brilliant resources during holiday-focused subjects or back-to-school occasions.

Ideal Teaching Resource

  • Whole group activities: Ideal as worksheets while doing whole group activities
  • Small Group Tasks: Aids as small group tasks.
  • Individual Homework Assignments: Your go-to resource perfect as individual homework assignments. This flexible teaching resource supports different styles of instruction delivery while enhancing letter recognition skills amongst students.

    Ready-To-Print PDF File

    This ready-to-print PDF file yields exceptional results when printed on card stock due to its enhanced vibrancy. Indeed, the Sweet Scandinavian Modern Alphabet is a practical addition to every educator's toolbox that combines style with pedagogical functionality.

What's Included

This includes 3 designs with 3 fonts (cursive, print, and scandi), plus a preschool version. Mix and match to truly have a fresh, unique classroom!

***printing on card stock will help save ink and give you a more even, vibrant end result!***

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